Middle and High School End of Year Dates

We wanted to thank everyone for making the best use of virtual learning at Hagerman Middle and High School during the end of the school year. Parents, students and staff have had to make many changes to their lives. We hope that even though all of us are not physically close that we have grown closer together as a school community. Our schools are as much here to support the social and emotional needs of our students as we are the source of learning.

These are the key dates for the remainder of the school year:

May 1

  • PFA reward deadline (the first 50 students to complete all PFAs in all classes will receive a $10 gift certificate to a Hagerman business)
May 4 through 8
May 11 through 15
  • Final exams and work wrap-up for seniors
  • Last week of virtual Instruction grades 6 through 11
May 15
  • Senior grades finalized in Synergy by teachers
May 18 through 20
  • Final exams for all classes grades 6 though 11
May 21
  • Teachers finalize grades in Synergy grades 6 through 11
May 26
  • Report cards printed and mailed
May 27
  • Summer continuation for unfinished work
June 19
  • End of school year 2019-2020
As we leave behind this school year, plans are being developed for several different ways the 2020-21 school year will begin, progress and finish. We would like to hear from you with ideas to make it a great one. As details are developed look for them to be shared. Stay safe, stay strong, stay connected.

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