About Us

Hannah Blackstone

Miss Hannah Blackstone came to Hagerman to start the first school in 1895. She was a charter member of the Methodist Church and the Woman's Club. In 1902, she was married to Harry Cowan. After many years of service to the community, she passed away on January 8, 1952.

Current Auditorium

This picture taken from where the current Central Office is showcases the classroom addition to the early school that is now the R.A. Welborne Auditorium.

Elementary School

This photo is taken from the current playground of the elementary school showing the entire district circa 1920.

1912 Handbook

The earliest handbook that we could find lists the course of study and procedures of Hagerman Schools.

Our Vision and Mission

The Vision of the Hagerman Municipal Schools is to create a learning community that provides quality education services to all students.

The Mission of the Hagerman Municipal Schools, in partnership with the community, is to educate all students for success and to create a learning community which will foster positive attitudes and skills leading toward healthy, responsible citizenship and academic excellence through a sound, relevant curriculum taught by a caring, qualified staff in a technology-rich environment.

Our Goals

  1. All Hagerman Municipal School District students will succeed by meeting proficiency levels on the PARCC assessment in Math and English Language.
  2. Increase student participation in post-secondary education opportunities.
  3. Increase student participation in extra/intra curricular activities.
  4. Administration will successfully implement the NMPED Teacher and Principal evaluation system.
  5. Celebrate student and teacher achievement.

School Board

Regular meetings of the Board of Education shall generally be held on the third Monday of each month at 6:00 p.m. in the Board Room housed in the Hagerman Middle School, 406 North Cambridge Street, Hagerman, New Mexico. If the third Monday of the month falls on a holiday, the meeting shall be held the following Monday.


 Trevor Gray



Jeniffer Salazar



Destry Moss



Chet Armstrong



 Chris Pilley


Administrative Team

Ricky Williams

575.752.3254 voice
575.752.3255 fax

Belia Reyes

Elementary Principal
575.752.3279 voice
575.752.0207 fax

Patty Goode

Middle School Head Teacher
575.752.2002 voice
575.752.0241 fax

Mark Lovas

Secondary Principal
575.752.3283 voice
575.752.3306 fax

Patty Goode

Special Education
575.752.3306 fax

Cindy Henson

575.752.3255 fax

Celia Alvidrez

Cafeteria Manager
575.752.3255 fax

Dan Jennings

STARS Coordinator
575.752.3255 fax

Gary Barbe

Maintenance Manager
575.752.3255 fax

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